Friday 29 May 2015

photo album JG 107 Nancy - Ochey - pilot training in the Luftwaffe Ebay photo find #118

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" after the campaign in Russia and being wounded for a third time with a spell in the field hospital in Siedlce (Poland),  convalescence. Then to flight training-  'Fliegerei' I am in my first flight suit.."

Below; C 445 A/B 3 Guben

scenes from I./ JG 107 in Nancy-Ochey

Below; " he wasn't the only one..but he was one of my best friends.."

"... after a mid-air collision.."

" ..This B-17 - the so-called 'Flying Fortress '- was shot down near Nancy and made an emergency landing. It was repaired and made flight worthy on the airfield. But we are so tiny next to these machines and it takes a brave pilot to take them on in combat.."

Werner Seiffert, KIA 25 August 1944

" ..April/May/June 1944 at Marseille-Marignac - the Yanks often come down the Rhone valley and we fly our first sorties as fighter pilots. I'm still in training, but now as an instructor (Fluglehrer) I am climbing out of my crate....the nasty number '7' ..."

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