Saturday 2 May 2015

Beute French and Schul training types in Luftwaffe service

NAA 57 and 64 with JG 107 in France in Luftwaffe service

erbeutete französische Flugzeuge im Dienste der Luftwaffe vom JG. 107 in Frankreich " Nancy-Essay" (Ochey)

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Below; Morane MS 230 "RC+QO" of A 52 Danzig-Langfuhr seen in early 1944 and displaying the emblem of A/B 5 Seerappen, re-named Sch/FAR 33 Quakenbrück. Probably used as a glider tug Schleppflugzeug at Strebeldorf.

Bü 131 "KV+NS" and two 2 Bü 181 of A 52 Danzig-Langfuhr seen in early summer 1944

Si 204 D of C 14 Prag-Gbell, late summer 1943

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