Saturday 24 August 2019

Ofw. Willi 'Morzmann' Morzinek JG 2 - Berlin raid 6 March 1944

Seen above, second left, Ofw. Willi 'Morzmann' Morzinek, 7./JG 2, a rare Battle of Britain JG 2 'veteran' to survive in this photo selection via Marco Auer.

'Morzmann' Morzinek flew in II./JG 2 (4. Staffel) during late 1940. His logbook reports escort of Bf 110s to attack Southampton on 17 November and a sortie over Portland on 30 November 1940. (JG 2 'In the skies of France' Vol I by Erik Mombeeck and Jean Louis Roba). Flew in 1./JG 2 during 1942 and 7.Staffel in early 1944. First claim 21 June 1941, a Spitfire, west of Le Touquet during Circus 17. Two Spitfires claimed on 19 August 1942 nr. Dieppe. Instructor during 1943, returned to combat in 1944. B-17 claim 02 March  with 7./JG 2, same day as Kommodore Mayer was KIA. A B-24 claim 05 March 1944 for his 12th. WIA following combat with P-47s during the 06 March Berlin raid, attempting an emergency landing at Plantlünne  (Absturz nahe Platz), Morzinek was forced to bail out of his 'yellow 8' (Bf 109 G-5 WNr. 110 232). Did not return to JG 2 until March 1945.

(JfV 13/IV p207 for loss info)