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Junkers 52 g8e (See) of Seetransportstaffel 2

A Junkers 52 g8e (See) in Norway in 1944. This machine probably belonged to Seetransportstaffel 2 and was likely coded 8A+FK, only the individual letter of the aircraft, the F, is repeated under the wings. The large cargo door and the small access door to the cockpit are one of the identifying characteristics of this version. The Ju 52 g8e (See) could get airborne in 53 seconds over a distance of 845 metres but took 21 minutes (!) to reach an altitude of 3,000 metres. Here ground crew personnel are seen removing the essential tarpaulins protecting the Junkers from the rigours of the Norwegian climate. The aircraft is being loaded and prepared for the next flight. The rear of the aircraft is secured to a small boat, which will probably help in maneuvering the aircraft so that it can be placed more easily in its take-off axis. On the left a man is wearing a lifejacket while on the right another man is undoing the mooring lines of the Ju 52. Seetransportstaffel 2 was formed in October 1943 at the Norwegian base of Trondheim-Hommelvik, where it remained until its surrender in May 1945. Throughout this difficult late-war period the unit's mechanics accomplished the feat of maintaining on almost permanent availability around ten of the complement of Ju 52s equipping the Seetransportstaffel 2, thus allowing it to operate right up to the very end of the war....

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Thursday 13 June 2024

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Peter Petrick repro archive sale - Nachtjagdstaffel Norwegen, JG 300 - ebay photo find #373


many of the repros in the on-going Peter Petrick archive sale are  previously published. Here's a few recent examples of PP auction repros that have been seen before. 

From 'Jet & Prop' issue 4/99, a nice Ju 88 G-1 with the Verbandskennung 'B4+DA' flown by an Ofw. Keilig from the Nachtjagdstaffel Finnland/Norwegen in a feature by Petrick on this unit. This small 'independent' Staffel was assigned to Luftflotte 5 before becoming 4./NJG 3 in 1945. Here the crew are carrying out a pre-flight inspection before a flight to Norway on 7 October 1944. Incorrectly labeled as a 'G-6' on p66 of the 'Jet & Prop' article. Note BMW engines, no Bola and vertical antenna aerials. Not published in the recent 'Axis Wings' feature by Carlsen reprising the 'history' of this same unit. 

 Also published by Peter Petrick in a 'reader's letter' in Jet & Prop 4/99 were these images taken by US personnel at Ainring. I've seen a number of comments online from guys not familiar with these. They show examples of 'Personenabwurfbehälter' (lit, 'people dropping containers ') produced for agent drops by KG 200 as featured in Peter Stahl's 'Geheimgeschwader 200' 

Peter Petrick photo previously published depicting a Bf 109 G-14/AS of the 'Kometen' Staffel - 10. (N)./JG 300.

A paragraph from a piece I compiled for the Eduard Saudämmerung boxing of their wilde Sau late Bf 109 kits;

 " By the late summer of 1944 'wilde Sau' operations were a distant memory for the majority of pilots in JG 300. All night-fighter actvities in the Geschwader had been concentrated in a ‘specialised’ Moskito-hunting Staffel designated 10. (N)/ JG 300. This was the so-called ‘Kometen’ or Comet Staffel, established to combat the almost nightly incursions over Berlin by DH Mosquito bombers of the RAF's LNSF (Light Night Striking Force.). Operating out of Jüterbog, south of Berlin, under Staffelkapitän Hptm. Boettcher, 10. Staffel flew a 'modified' wilde Sau system— guided by two vertical searchlight beams and a ground controller, the unit’s high performance G-14/AS fighters loitered at high altitude (10,000 meters) above the 'corridors' used by the Mosquitoes flying into Berlin.."

Saturday 8 June 2024

Stukageschwader 77 - archive photo scan #21


..a Kette of 1. Staffel of St.G 77 seen over northern France (Caen, Normandy) during late August 1940. New crews being trained in formation flying according to the period caption - 'Staffelausbildung mit neuen Besatzungen..'

Friday 7 June 2024

Stenographic record extract of the meeting with the Reichsmarschall on Whit Monday, 29 May 1944, subject Me 262

 Stenographic transcript excerpt of the review discussion with Reichsmarschall Göring that took place on Whit Monday, 29 May 1944 at the Obersalzberg. Subject of the discussion; the Me 262.

RM Göring; "..Ich habe die Herren trotz der Feiertage hierherbitten müssen, da in der Frage der Me 262 die letzten Klarheiten geschaffen werden müssen. Der Führer hat mit mir noch einmal die Lage durchgesprochen, die sich dadurch ergeben hat, das Sie (Petersen) die Äußerung gemacht haben, dass das Flugzeug sei nicht geeignet, Bomben mitzunehmen. Ich habe dem Führer gesagt, dass Sie es nicht so gemeint hätten.."

"I have asked you gentlemen to come here today, despite the public holiday, as the final clarifications on the issue of the Me 262 must be made. The Führer has discussed with me once again the situation that has arisen because you (Petersen - Kommandeur E-Stelle Rechlin) stated that the aircraft was not suitable for carrying bombs. I told the Führer that you would not have meant it like that..."

Petersen;  " was Field Marshall Milch who said that, not me! On the contrary, I pointed out that you could use balancing counterweights...."

RM Göring: "..No, that was not the case - one thing I know for sure, the Führer was the first to mention compensation weights. He immediately asked how heavy the onboard armament is and what happens when it is removed. It was the Führer who came up with the idea of making this possible by leaving out unnecessary weight. And as far as I recall - I'll have to check through the minutes once again - it was you who started saying that the aircraft could not carry bombs..."

Petersen:  " no, that's not the case. It was the Field Marshall who said that, for the time being, the Me 262 is not hauling bombs - 'es kommt ohne Bombe'. That was a mistake. I discussed it with him in the car after the meeting and he said that he had got the wrong end of the stick..."

RM Göring: "..the Führer was right to be very upset about it and said that everything he had ordered had not been followed.."

Messerschmitt:  "..  and yet all his orders have been obeyed.."


RM Göring:  " was precisely to avoid misunderstandings like this that I ordered, firstly,  that the aircraft not be described as a 'Jabo' but as a 'Schnellstbomber' and, secondly, that the General der Kampfflieger take charge. ..[..] of the test machines which have been fitted with armament, some of which will be developed and trialed further as fighters in accordance with the wishes of the Führer.

Bodenschatz: " ..and he has further emphasised that the testing of the fighter should continue.."

RM Göring: ".. and only the testing!  In order to avoid any mistakes and confusion for you, I have nevertheless 'deactivated' the fighter side and only 'switched on' the General der Kampfflieger, so that it cannot happen that today the General der Kampfflieger comes to you (Petersen) for testing and five days later the General der Jagdflieger does likewise. Of course this may happen but you should be clear on one thing - the General der Jagdflieger may only pursue testing for development and finalisation of the fighter with the test machines that he now has, while the main series, part of which is also coming to your trials, should be purely for the fast bomber."

Heinkel He 60 off Samos - archive photo scan #20


Heinkel He 60 off Samos..

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Peter Petrick archive sale - Junkers Ju 188s of KG 2 - ebay photo find #372 and archive photo scan #19


some nice Ju 188s from the on-going Petrick archive sale via Oliver Rogge. Many of these images were published by Ulf Balke in his German-language KG 2 history -  at FalkeEins the Luftwaffe blog we have scanned a number of them from his archive, now owned by another collector. Note the example in flight below - as posted on Oliver Rogge's current ebay auction and a copy scanned and enhanced from the damaged and dark original.. 

and from a 1962 Heinz Nowarra article;

"..whether it was a 188, a 288 or a 388, it was still an 88.."

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