Wednesday 17 July 2024

Hptm. Arno Lignitz ECPA-D - Instapic #17


Seen here left alongside Bücker Bu-131 coded 'CH+KE'. Ritterkreuz during the Battle of Britain, Kommandeur III./JG 54, MIA on September 30, 1941 shot down over Leningrad by Soviet fighters. From his interrogation;

" Hauptmann Lignitz considers himself to be an experienced airman, by his own words he shot down 25 aircraft in aerial combat, 5 of which are not confirmed. Of these 20 aircraft 18 were British and French ones and 2 ours (i.e. Russian). Lignitz was awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class for his first aircraft shot down. He was awarded Iron Cross 1st Class for 5 aircraft shot down and the Ritterkreuz for 16 enemy aircraft shot down. The latter was handed over to him personally by Reichsmarschall Goering. Lignitz highly evaluates the quality of our fighter pilots and considers them to be brave soldiers. Lignitz appears to be an important person in the enemy´s air force and for this reason, it will not be bad if we announce that he was taken prisoner..."


Bf 109 aces - Hptm. Paul Schauder JG 26


Born in Munich on 27 April 1921, Paul Schauder was studying architecture when he was called up for the army. Like many of his comrades, he wanted to become an aviator. After training as a fighter pilot he was posted to 3./JG 26 at the beginning of 1941. He took advantage of the RAF's so-called 'Non-stop Offensive' of 1941 to open and then build up his score (9 victories). In December 1942 he was promoted to Kapitän of 11./JG 26. His command lasted only a month, however, as he was called up to the Stab II./JG 26 before taking over command of 9./JG 26 in May 1942. On the 23rd of that month, III./JG 26 shifted to northern Germany, where Schauder shot down his first first B-17. Back in the Netherlands and then to France, Schauder scored another victory over the RAF before seeing his 9./JG 26 renamed 10th Staffel. 1944 saw him fighting over France and, in the weeks following the landings in June 1944, he was one of the pilots to be credited with three air victories over Normandy, including a 354th FG P-51 on 17 July. Having taken temporary command of III./JG 26 at the end of 1944, Hptm Schauder was officially promoted to Kommandeur, claimed his 21st and last victory over Germany on 21 April 1945, a 3 Sqd Tempest near Perleberg. On 1 May 1945, he was shot down and captured. According to one source, he was a victim of anti-aircraft fire; he also claimed to have hit a P-38. In June 1945, he took advantage of a passing truck loaded with liberated POWs to clamber into the vehicle. Having ‘escaped’ in this way, he was soon reunited with his family. After the war, he resumed his pre-war activity but eventually joined the Bundesluftwaffe. Paul Schauder died in his home town on 22 January 2004.

Lt.Paul Schauder (3./JG 26) supervises the application of a victory bar on the rudder of his Friedrich.

There are currently 182 Bf 109 ace biographies on this blog, most featuring rare photos and personal accounts.

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Fw 190 Dora 9 'blue 12' by 'kov1985'


Fw 190 D-9 "Blue 12" WNr. 500570 of II./JG 6 surrendered to elements of the U.S. 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group at Fürth, near Nürnberg on 8 May 1945

" ..This one is finally off my bench after a few months of work, my rendition of the 'famous' “blue 12” which surrendered at Fürth in May 1945. I used the Hasegawa 1/32 Dora -9 with Quickboost cowling, spinner and prop, Quinta studio cockpit interior, Hgw seatbelts, eduard brassin flaps, 1 Man Army stencil masks. Some small bits I took some artistic license, but I’ll get into that later...".

"..there are plenty of pics of this aircraft that are available, as well as a few that come with the Eaglecals decal set. However I’m less impressed with the Eaglecals set as I intended to only use the serial number, the “E9”, and the “12”. However for some reason, the “1” is smaller than the “2” in the 12. It makes no sense why they’ve done that as every photo I’ve seen of the thing doesn’t show this. Hence I made my own mask for that by painstakingly drawing and cutting it out of paper, tracing onto masking sheet and cutting that out. To make things worse I botched its placement on first go and had to use the mask 3 times…"

"..The colours of blue 12? Experts on the subject lean towards the top of the wings being 77/81, or 76/81, however in my honest opinion that may have well been the case for later Mimetall machines. My theory is that early ones such as 570 here had the standard grey wings, which were then painted 81 on the underside, either by factory or at unit level until Mimetall found their “groove” and painted the whole thing in 81 etc. My source for this theory being machine 581 (only a few airframes from blue 12) clearly having the grey tops, but notice landing gear doors being that dark colour still indicating to me RLM 81, which can clearly be seen also on the famous colour photo of blue 12.."

Thanks to Casey for his superb model images!

Sunday 7 July 2024

Bf 109 Gustav WNr. 20790 in Wunstorf - not a 'one-off'

Captured G-6s in unusual camo finish - possibly late-war 'greens' with an RLM 02 mottle. Below; WNr. 20790 visible on the tail fin of the machine closest to the camera with a second similarly camouflaged machine behind. These are 'rebuilds' of older airframes.

See pages 84-85 of 'Bf 109 - the latter years' (Goss) for more pictures of these machines. Seen at Fassberg according to the book caption, although A.I.2(g)/131 via Michael Balss states Wunstorf.

Anders Hjortsberg profile and camouflage comments here

Thursday 27 June 2024

Heinkel He 219 detail images by Mike Milbourne


NASM He 219 detail images posted by Mike Milbourne on FB and available to 'share', so re-posted here so that they can be easily located when I need them for my ZM build. FB is great ..but just try looking for something specific at a later date. All He 219 images on this blog can be easily located in one place at the link below...

All He 219 images on this blog are here;

Wednesday 26 June 2024

new from Claes Sundin - Luftwaffe fighter aircraft Profile book No. 14


A new profile book from Claes Sundin is always an 'event'! Fighter aircraft Profile book No. 14 is just released and pre-orders are shipping. My copy - with 'Jutta' Fw 190 cover artwork - has just arrived ;

- 136 full color pages with 130 aircraft profiles
- Features all-new profiles of fighter types flown by Luftwaffe Experten, with many surprises!
- 140 additional illustrations of unit insignia (Wappen) and personal markings
- Detailed captions for each profile with expanded descriptions of each individual aircraft's markings and camouflage. Text proofed and corrected by experts in the field!
- Historical and descriptive information of the pilots, including many lesser-known airmen
- A pilot and unit index for all Claes' Luftwaffe fighter artworks published to date
- Exceptional high-quality paper and print quality and glossy hard-bound cover

Click on the low-res image of Claes' profile (from book No. 11) of Arnulf Gottschall's G-6 below to go directly to the Centura Publishing web site to order the book. Claes has now self-published a phenomenal 18 titles. 

Me 110 G heavy weapons - ebay photo find #377

Me 110 G of ZG 1 Bad Lippspringe, early 1944. Caption reads, (I think..), 'upper nose cannon have been removed and openings faired over to enable installation of GM-1 ..' Note the folding upper section of the canopy serving as a makeshift deckchair..

Bottom;  ZG 1 Bf 110 with Flak 18 3,7 cm cannon installation.