Monday 25 May 2015

Bf 109 G-6/R2 with ASM-engine, WNr. 162080, 4./(F) 123, Staffelkapitän, Oblt. Werner Kohla

Filing this one for reference for those blog readers/modellers not using FB or TOCH - you know who you are!

Me 109 G-6/U2, R2, with ASM-engine, "blue 9" WNr. 162080, 4./(F) 123, Staffelkapitän Oblt. Werner Kohla, Reims, September 1944

ULTRA CX/MSS/R.276 (C),70 Report signed KOHLA dated 13/8 to TO:- A/c (plural) Me 109 G-6, U2, R2, with ASM-engine, Works Nos. 162080, 163006, 26043, 27172, 20583, 161732, 163491, taken over from Workshop Guyancourt. Equipment for all a/c, methyl-alcohol water injection system, automatic mosaic camera 50/30. 1 engine-mounted MG 151/20, FuGe 16Z, FuGe 25A, installation sets without equipment. NOTE: Source believes this was from 4.(F)/123 and was almost certainly to (F) 123.

via Nick Beale. See discussion at TOCH