Wednesday 20 May 2015

Me 109 Emils, Friedrich JG 51 early 1941- Werner "Vati" Mölders on the Channel coast (St. Omer) - daily Ebay photo find #116

Me 109 F, die Maschine des Geschwaderkommodore Oberstleutnant Werner M,  seen here in early 1941 visiting I./JG 27 on the Channel coast.Click on these images to view them large!

below; Me 109 F "SG+GW" Werknummer 5628 Stab JG 51 die Maschine des Geschwaderkommodore Oberstleutnant Werner "Vati" Mölders seen in the autumn of 1940 on the Channel coast..

Me 109 Emils of 7./JG 51 running up their engines in their camouflaged dispersal boxes in St. Omer, northern France, 1940

Me 109 Friedrich 7./JG 51, early 1941

Me 109 F-2 "schwarze 1" assigned to the Staffelkapitän of 2./JG 51 (and later Gruppenkommandeur ) Hptm. Wilhelm "Willi" Hachfeld

below; Me 109 Emil presumably of 1./JG 3 - note Tatzelwurmwappen on the cowl- in St. Omer-Nord.

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