Tuesday 12 May 2015

Fw 190 Dora 9 "schwarze 3" II./ JG 6, Halle

For blog readers who don't access Facebook or TOCH (you know who you are!)

..Werknummer 601095 or more probably 601090 Dora 9 'black' or even 'blue 3' II./ JG 6, Halle - annotation on the rear of Jim Crow's original vet photo says 'blue 3'

 Comment from John Manhro "..Indeed the 600422 was basically an estimated guess some years ago as the other images were not available yet. About the repainting of schwarze 3. We have seen this feature on several a/c of I./JG 6 (many A-8's), but not so much on II./JG 6. The reasoning behind the repainting within I./JG 6 is pretty much clear to me, but schwarze 3 is unclear. Note that the II. Gruppe seems not repainted which leads me to the conclusion that this a/c either came from another unit or from I./JG 6 (which seems not logical)...

thank you Tomas! Alexander's new pictures and a full discussion of this machine on TOCH here