Tuesday 20 October 2015

3./ KG 26 He 111 torpedo bomber, Salon de Provence, spring 1943

 Lovely shots of a 3./ KG 26 He 111 torpedo bomber carrying two LT F5b torpedoes and seen taxiing out for a sortie from Salon (Provence), southern France, spring 1943 according to the original album caption. Superb Mäandertarnung camo scheme. Note the yellow wingtips, rear fuselage band and the spinner ring. Click on the images to view large

Taxiing out for a combat sortie; "Jakel und Lerche als Kutscher" -   'Kutscher', lit. 'coach driver',  a slang word for pilot

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Sunday 18 October 2015

More JG 54 Friedrichs from the Finnish wartime photo archive SA-kuva

More JG 54 Friedrichs from the Finnish wartime photo archive - these high-res downloadable photographs from the Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive can be viewed, used and downloaded by anyone. I have re-sized these particular images so that they load easily on this blog; click on the image here to view large. When you publish a photograph from the archive, you should mention "SA-kuva" as the source. (This means "Finnish Armed Forces photograph" in Finnish.) Please note that you can only conduct searches in Finnish - only 160,000 images to search through! These images of I./ JG 54 machines were photographed at Petäjärvi during August 1942..

Fw 190 A-2/3 Wings of the Black Cross - daily Ebay photo find #134

 thanks to Rémi for the pointer to this clear image of a fire-damaged Fw 190. And to Tomas for spotting that this was one of several images of this fire-damaged A-2/3 (note the tail fin) to appear in issue 1 of 'Wings of the Black Cross'. According to that publication this is 'Red 17' WNr. 513..


Friday 16 October 2015

Ju 88 G of 6./NJG 100 in Bulgaria, summer 1944, III./ZG 1 Wespengeschwader Gruppenkommandeur Hptm. Roland Bohrt- ebay daily photo find # 133

 Seen in the summer of 1944 on the Eastern Front, this is a Ju 88 G of 6./NJG 100 in Krumovo/Bulgaria where this Staffel was established in May 1944 by the renaming of 4./NJG 200. Wart in the photo is Friedrich Quathammer. Probably a G-1, note the code 'P'. Click on the image to view large..

 Ju 88 G "W7+BM" of 4./NJG 200 seen on 2 February 1944 airborne on a flight from Lüben to Neuburg.

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Me 109 E of the Stab III./ZG 1 - Gruppenkommandeur Hptm. Roland Bohrt seen being feted on his 100th Feindflug in June 1942 in Belgorod. Bohrt was shot down later that year in North Africa, falling east of El Alamein in "S9+AD" on 1 September 1942. He died in a field hospital on 9 September 1942.

Me 109 E-7/B coded  "S9+BS" of 8./ZG 1 in Belgorod in central Russia north of Kharkov following a landing accident, June 1942. See the photo selection on pages 20-25 of the Stipdonk/Meyer Zerstörer-und Nachtjagdverbände Teil 2.

"S9+AS" is illustrated by Claes Sundin in his 'Luftwaffe Attack aircraft " on this blog here. The 'unknown' Staffelkapitän that Claes mentions in his artwork caption was probably Oblt. Geert Holeisen.

More Wespengeschwader ZG 1 Bf 109 Emils on this blog

Thursday 15 October 2015

Hasegawa Bf 109 G-2 1:48 JG 54 Geschwaderkommodore Trautloft, summer 1942, Russia

..taking my lead from Mr Jes 'no model without a photo' Touvdal I have long wanted to add a representation of one of Kommodore Trautloft's G-2s to my collection. But I'm familiar with only a couple of images that give much assistance with depicting the rather unique three-colour scheme that this machine briefly wore during the long summer of 1942....

Thanks to Jes for pointing out that there are 2 colour shots of this a/c in Prien's Jagdfliegerverbände Teil 9/III p. 54-55 which confirm the three-colour camouflage finish. See also the lower photo (bottom) here which shows a better demarcation of the three upper surface colours but with the addition of a theatre band around the fuselage Balkenkreuz so further 'over' painting can not be ruled out..

Two images of 'Double Chevron Bar' with its elaborate Geschwader emblem also appear in the Schiffer edition of Prien and Rodeike's "Bf 109 F/G/K series" while the Crandall painting on the jacket portrays this aircraft in  two greens with a fancy white-ringed spinner decoration only seen on this machine in its winter scheme.....

Wednesday 14 October 2015

new AIMS decals from John MacIllmurray - early Junkers Ju 88s Part 1

new from AIMS and maybe still in time for some of the Battle of Britain Group builds currently running, is this comprehensive sheet devoted to early Junkers Ju 88s. Covering machines from all the leading KGs - KG 51, KG 30, KG 77 - the sheet provides a range of codes and badges enabling the modeller to build some representative aircraft most of which are well covered by references. As usual with AIMS you get full colour  artwork instructions, general upper surface camouflage lay-out with full colour key. and some of the history behind the subject aircraft with details of the crews' fates. Even if you don't intend to model an early Ju 88 just at the moment it goes without saying that this sheet is well worth adding to the library.

Subjects include 9K+AL Wk N. 3153 of 1./KG 51 based during the Battle at Melun. 3153 is in standard RLM 70/71/65 but has the EZ-6 direction finder cover painted in a lighter colour like RLM 02 with yellow spinners whilst the white of 1 Gruppe adorns the radiator rim of the engines, obviously the Staffelkapitän had to have a more colourful aircraft for the propaganda day. 3153 carries full codes repeated under wings, note early position of tail insignia and no fuel triangles on side of cockpit.

3Z+BB Pilot Oblt. Siegward Fiebig was shot down in Wk N. 4136 becoming a POW with his crew after crash landing near Hertingfordbury after attacking the de Havilland factory at Hatfield where it was hit by AA. Only tail and upper left wing are seen in photos so style of codes, badge, presence of fuel triangle on cockpit as well as repetition of individual aircraft letter on nose and spinner tips in Stab colour - all as seen on other KG 77 machines of the time. Ju 88 vol 2, p 392, Classic.

3Z+HN Flown by Staffelkapitän Gunther Zetzsche Wk N. 7112 of 2./KG 77 was shot down by a Hurricane of 229 Sqn, coming down into the Channel 15 miles off Bexhill with all crew lost. An earlier photo of the machine shows no sign of the Wk N. on tail fin so might well be hidden from view on the nose of the cockpit. 7112 bears tactical markings on both sides of rudder and left wing only as per 3Z+BB as well as repetition of individual aircraft letter on upper wings - maybe nose also? Osprey No.17 Ju 88 Kampfgeschwader On the Western Front p. 4, 58

More from AIMS decals on this blog. See John's recent Stab Bf 110 sheet here 
Decals for Messerschmitts in monotone schemes here

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Friday 9 October 2015

Henschel Hs 129, Ju 87 StG 2 - daily ebay photo find #131

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printed back-to-front, Junkers Ju 87 D-3, probably "T6 + GK", St.G. 2 ,

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Bf 109 F-4s "detachment Philipp" of I./JG 54 at Petäjärvi airfield on the Karelian Isthmus.

Finnish archive pics of Bf 109 F-4s of "detachment Philipp" of I./JG 54 at Petäjärvi airfield on the Karelian Isthmus. They were covering a German-Italian naval unit on Lake Ladoga from 1st July until October 1942. Some of these images appear in several Finnish books of the Luftwaffe in Finland and Norway.

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Monday 5 October 2015

Ju 88 NJG 2 and KG 54, ZG 76 Bf 109 Dora, Henschel Hs 126 Aufklärer in Poland, KG 54 Totenkopf emblem - Ebay daily photo find #130

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neat view of Ju 88 C-2 "R4+EL" WNr 0736  of 3./NJG 2 crash landed by Flugzeugführer Fw Robert Lüddecke (front) on 22 November 1941 at Capodichino-Naples. Lüddecke had returned three night victories - Nachtluftsiege - at the time of the incident.

Three more from Michael Meyer's current sales.

Frontal views of a 2./ZG 76 Bf 110 B photgraphed in May 1939 in Olmütz/Silesia, where training and conversion onto the Bf 110 began. A good view of the radiator intakes under the power plants, the oval exit channels for the 20 mm shells under the nose, level with the wing roots, as well as the insignia of the propeller manufacturer VDM on the prop blades

On 1 May 1939 5./ZG 141 was re-designated 2./ZG 76. Two views of Gefr. Erich Zickler’s Bf 109 D, "red 12" of 2./ZG 76 seen in Pardubitz during the spring of 1939. Zickler later served with 6./ NJG 1

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below; from the images currently on offer at koelsch333 Ebay sales and shown here courtesy of proprietor Marco. Click to view large. Go to link below to bid