Monday 1 March 2021

Fw 190 A "black 4" from III. / KG (J) 27


The KG (J) units -  Kampfgeschwader re-mustered on fighters  and including KG (J) 6, 54 and 27 -  always capture the attention of enthusiasts. These images appear to show a late-variant 'Anton' - coded 'black 4+I' - with the green/white checker fuselage band (or Karoband) from III./ KG (J) 27. Fw 190 A-9 "white 2" (W.Nr. 206 000) is already known.  Of the known KG (J) 27 loss reports the Anton is not mentioned although the Dora-9 is..

Colour image showing the green/white check band on a scrap dump Bf 109 G-10 'yellow 2' found at Kaufbeuren.

Horn, J., 1996. Als die Kampfflieger noch Jäger werden sollten - Das Ende des KG(J)6 im Raum Prag. Jägerblatt, Vol.XLV, Nr. 1/1996, pp.38-43.

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