Sunday 31 May 2015

Me 110 G-2 "8V + ON" 5./NJG 200 Josef Kociok, Eastern Front Nachtjagd - Daily Luftwaffe Ebay photo find #119

" Sepp's bird " - Me 110 G-2 "8V + ON" der 5./NJG 200 von Flugzeugführer Ofw. Josef Kociok

Kociok was awarded the RK for 27 victories (15 by night) on 31 July 1943, the presentation taking place in Bagerowo in the Crimea. 5./ NJG 200 renamed from 10. (NJ)/ ZG 1 during August 1943. Kociok was KIA during the night of 26/27 September 1943 after colliding with a Soviet bomber he was attempting to bring down. Both Kociok and his BF Fw. Wegerhoff bailed out - Kociok's chute failed to open (Bf 110 G-2 WNr. 6392). Kociok tallied some 33 victories in the East in the course of around 200 combat sorties, 21 at night.

rare pic of Kociok in 7./ ZG 77 in Norway during late 1940.  More on Kociok on this blog here

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