Sunday 29 September 2019

Trautloft JG 54 Siverskaya March 1943 - ebay photo find #321

Trautloft JG 54 Siverskaya March 1943 according to the reverse of the image

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below; 7. Staffel 'flying clog' emblem JG 54 Emil

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Kommodore JG 26 Galland's first Friedrich - ebay photo find #320

60 victory Abschussbilanz on the rudder of Galland's Bf 109 F-2 WNr. 6714. His victories 59 and 60 were returned on 15 April 1941 in this machine. Via Oliver Rogge


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Below; More 5. Staffel JG 26 Emils with diving raven emblem. More on this blog

Below; note the diving raven emblem just visible under the cockpit of this 5./JG 26 Emil with scoreboard of Staka Lt. Wolfgang Kosse. See JFV 4/I p.317.