Sunday 5 May 2024

Erich Hondt JG 11 - ebay photo find #370

..this 'repro' photo close-up of Erich Hondt's Fw 190 JG 11 scoreboard just sold for 106 euros. Had the buyer emailed me directly I'd have happily sold him a similar 'repro' for half that amount! While I imagine Oliver Rogge is very pleased, some people surely have more money than sense! 

Erich Hondt’s A-5/U12 was WNr 410 266 ‘schwarze 13'

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Me 163 BV 21 VA+SS - ebay photo find #369

Peenemünde-West, June 1943. Me 163 B V21 'VA+SS' with test pilot Heinrich Dittmar posing with the aircraft prior to its first 'hot' flight on June 24, 1943 with Lt. Opitz at the controls. Repros currently on offer from Oliver Rogge.

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