Sunday, 12 December 2010

late-war Focke Wulf 190s of JG 2 in defence of the Reich -Reichsverteidigung

Ebay seller skorzeny123 is currently offering a nice selection of what are apparently late-war Fw 190's (note the bulged upper engine cowl) seen in service with I. and/or III. Gruppe of JG 2. Thanks again to the search effort undertaken by Peter at the Luftwaffe Experten board. Click on the images for a closer view. Note that image 3 has the remark 'Rollschaden' or 'taxying damage' written on the reverse of the photo. The bulged cowl and the mid-wing position of the pitot tube point to A-7 models and a time frame of early 1944...

image below of JG1 Fw 190 - see emblem just below cockpit