Saturday, 17 September 2022

Dora-9 "White 12" 5./JG 301 - IBG 'Mimetall' Dora new Luftwaffe models


 Found and photographed by US forces at Bad Langensalza, this image of 5./JG 301's 'White 12' is an enlargement that I attempted from the rather poor-quality original print lent to me by the late James V. Crow. WNr 500408 was one of 70 machines from Mimetall's second production batch produced in the period December 1944-January 1945. A red II. Gruppe bar is visible over the red/yellow fuselage bands. 'White 12' is one of the markings options in the latest boxings (Mimetall) of the new IBG Dora-9.

Finish (JAPO) is 81/82 uppers (brown/light green), pale 'sky' green undersides except 76 rudder. Underside of wing 81 gear covers and leading edge to about half span, ailerons 76, remainder bare metal or (Crandall) 82/83 uppers, pale 'sky' green undersides, underside of wing 75 gear covers and leading edge to main spar line, ailerons 76, remainder bare metal.  

IBG appear to have opted for the JAPO colour scheme (although a starboard photo view shows the gear covers do not appear to be 'dark' and are simply in shadow, so most likely in the 'standard' lower surface colour)

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