Saturday 30 March 2019

Tamiya 1/72 scale Bf 109 G-6

Tamiya have released their brand-new 1/72 scale  kit of the Bf 109 G-6. It includes some neat construction sequencing and details;

-the cockpit is inserted after left and right fuselage halves have been put together. It has an accurate interior with streamlined assembly.

- the canopy can be assembled open or closed.

- the landing gear struts have a solid attachment point for accurate attachment angle and position.

- features optional drop tank parts.

- 2 marking options: JG 51 (with distinctive eye marking on the Beule) and JG 54.

See Brett Green's review elsewhere for more on this fine-looking kit. The only issue of course will be cost -  for example the 48th scale Tamiya G-6 retails for £39.99 in the UK - or roughly twice the cost of an Eduard Gustav !

A single click to view the video here - a 20-second overview of the 72nd scale Tamiya Gustav

..and the 48th scale Tamiya Gustav by Matthias Becker for a forthcoming issue of Jet & Prop. IMHO the nose 'looks' a touch too short and 'bulged' with that slight hump. Or maybe I've been looking at those 'slimline' AZ Gustav kits for too long...