Friday 29 March 2019

Eduard Focke Wulf 190 A-8 new release 1:48 Profipack

...The A-8/R2 featured in the Limited Edition Reichsverteidigung combo boxing but now the new Eduard 1/48 FW 190 A-8 is least in Germany for Germany's biggest model show of the year which takes place this weekend.

 "... Going through the sprues of all the "new tool" Butcher Birds now I think we now have everything in one box or the other for all versions from the A-2 to A-9? I guess the new A-8 kit will have the wings with the standard 20mm outboard guns...which were missing on the A8/R2 that came with the Reichverteidigung Pack. So now also the A-6 and A-7 are possible. Here is the new box art...very nice IMHO. Does anybody know anything about the 5 decal options already? Eduard's web page is not showing the kit seems though that some German dealers got the delivery earlier than expected..." anj4de on BM

"...The kit arrived today. Here are some pics of what I found to be the "new" bits of this release. The wings now have the standard 20mm outboard cannons and related details. Small PE parts are included for an option, I think it's the cover plate that on the R2 version has the shell exausts for the 30mm MK108. See pics...

The decals look good as always. Kölle Alaf red 19 can be build in both options, with and without red fuselage band. The JG5 "Eismeer" crest is included in three different versions. I also like the JG 4 version even though my skills will most likely not allow to mask and paint the fuselage band, the very thin piping left and right would be very challenging.

I guess that's it...really. Again you will get a huge amount of spare parts and with aftermarket decals this boxing allows everything from a A-5 heavy to an A-9 since I believe the bigger front armor ring of the A-9 would not be visible in 1/48..."