Saturday 9 March 2019

Küstenfliegergruppe He 59, He 115, Bv 138, Thisted, Aalborg Denmark - Ebay photo find #308

..some nice views of Küstenfliegergruppe Bv 138 and He 115 seaplanes.  The emblem of  1./Küstenfliegergruppe 706  is displayed on a number of the aircraft seen below - according to the seller, at Thisted in Denmark. These aircraft flew patrols, conducted anti-shipping, anti-submarine and air-sea rescue operations.  According to Adam Thompson the Kü.Fl.Gr  was based at Aalborg but ' due to inclement weather occasionally used the harbour at Thisted as a base for operations ".The first image below is a general view of the bay with Thisted in the background with He 59 and Ar 196 seaplanes at their moorings. In the bottom two images the 2000th Feindflug flown by an Oblt. Gessmann and his crew in a Bv 138 is seen being feted..

courtesy Oliver Rogge ebay sales here