Saturday 2 March 2019

Ju 88 'ace' Horst Henning KG 77, NJG 3 - ebay photo find #306

According to which source you care to consult Horst Henning may have been a Ju 88 'ace'. Here he is seen being feted for his 300th combat sortie some time during early 1942 on the Eastern Front. Note the KG 77 'cockerel' emblem on the sign. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 22 May 1942 after 314 sorties flown as an Ofw. in 1./KG 77. In addition to 314 missions completed he had destroyed 20 aircraft on the ground and accounted for 23 trains, 3 anti-aircraft batteries and 1 enemy machine in the air. During the summer of 1944 he moved to NJG 3 and during July/August made six claims with 8./NJG 3 following his single victory with KG 77 in Russia. During the night of 7-8 October 1944 he crashed in the vicinity of Hadersleben in Ju 88 G-1 WNr. 713496 coded "D5+JS". His crew Ofw. Brändle, Uffz. Dietrich and Ogfr. Einloth died with him. Henning was posthumously promoted to Hauptmann..

Images courtesy Michael Meyer who has these and others on offer on his ebay sales page here