Sunday 10 March 2019

Fw 190 JG 1, JG 300 -ebay photo find #311

A Fieseler-built A-7 or A-8, 19 victory markings on the rudder, all victims in the West...but who did it 'belong' to? IIRC this must be Rüdiger von Kirchmayr's machine (.. one of them..) He was Staffelkapitän 5./JG 1 during April-May 1944. Kirchmayr made three claims (vics 17-19) on the ill-fated 29 April 1944 raid. He moved to the Stabsstaffel II./JG 1 in July 1944.

Some knowledgeable enthusiasts have suggested that this may be Lt. Otto Bach's aircraft (Staffelführer 7./JG 1). But see the Prien/Rodeike JG 1 history Band 3. Bach was KIA on 26 November 1944 clipping trees and crashing to his death in 'yellow 15' during a low-level tree-top chase by Mustangs in the vicinity of  Rochau near Stendal (Baumberührung beim Tiefflug..) He 'may' have returned 25 victories - Jochen Prien writes;  " ..the exact number of victories returned by Bach is unknown. We do know that his total on 29 May 1944 was sixteen, that he had been awarded the DK in Gold and was in line to receive the RK. However it is not known how and when -between 29 May and the date of his death- he could have returned nine additional victories, since he made no claims during the period of the 'invasion' in Normandy and that following this period II./JG 1 was removed from the front for rest and refit.."

From an expired ebay auction

Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-8, W.Nr 171501 that probably belonged to II./JG 300. It features a three-colour fuselage band. The Kennziffer is barely visible here but according to John Manrho who apparently owns the 'original' this was 'yellow 7'. It was produced by Focke Wulf in Cottbus around July to August 1944.

Below; Fw 190 A-7 W.Nr. 340281 from JG 300 reported burnt out at Ainring, 12 May 1945. The dark grey around the forward part of the cowl is an indicator of late-war JG 300 Fw 190s. Source: Michael Balss's loss list.

..and another superb model from Jiří Lenert