Friday 8 March 2019

Lt. Egon Mayer JG 2 - Spitfire V of 611 Sqd shot down 24 June 1941 -Ebay photo find #307

Lt. Egon Mayer, a member of JG 2 since the autumn of 1939 had moved from II. Gruppe to the first, before being transferred to 8. Staffel of III./ JG 2 - all during 1940. He was subsequently entrusted with Machold’s 7. Staffel after Machold was shot down over England during June 1941.

One of the ‘kills’ achieved by JG 2 on 24 June 1941 in the course of Circus No.21 seen burning out on the ground near Ligescourt - the proximity of the airfield enabled the personnel of III./JG 2 to come and contemplate the scene. The Spitfire V R7349 coded FY-A belonged to No. 611 Squadron. The Spitfire’s pilot, F/Lt. Theodorus Buys, catapulted from the cockpit upon impact, lies just a few metres away from the wreckage in other pictures in this sequence. Seen on the left of the picture (bottom) looking at the Spitfire's shredded tailplane is Lt. Egon Mayer.

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