Thursday 13 October 2022

Uffz Heinz KLÖPPER, 2./ JG 77 - ebay photo find #357


Uffz Heinrich KLÖPPER, born 9 Jan 1918 in Gross-Bülten, was a 2./JG 77 pilot in May 1940. On 15 May six Bf 109s of 2./JG 77 intercepted five French fighters at Rosée. Two Morane 406s were claimed by Oblt Eckehard Priebe and Klöpper - they were in all probability Bloch 152s of GC II/1 up from Laon/Couvron on a bomber escort sortie. Klöpper's victory was not confirmed and Klöpper himself was shot down. Bailing out and not knowing if he would land in his lines, Klöpper unholstered his pistol during the descent - until he saw the uniforms of his compatriots coming to his aid. The personal emblem on his Emil (below) recalls this bail-out. During the Battle of Britain he returned his only victory with 2./JG 77 - a Spitfire over Dungeness on October 5, 1940. The Staffel became 11./JG 51 and went east for Barbarossa. During the first day of the assault, on 22 June Klöpper shot down his first VVS aircraft, a Soviet SB-3 bomber. During 1942 he instructed before returning to his unit. In March 1943, he was posted to 7./JG 1. As Staffelkapitän, Klöpper made his last kill on 26 November 1943, a USAAF P-38 Lightning. The next day he was killed over the Netherlands during air-combat with another P-38 Lightning and crashed near "de Oldenhof" castle in the vicinity of Vollenhove. Klöpper shot down a total of 94 enemy aircraft in approximately 500 combat missions. DK (21 Aug 42), RK on September 4, 1942.

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