Wednesday 5 October 2022

..150th issue of leading German aviation magazine "Klassiker der Luftfahrt" - Luftwaffe in Greece


"...  In the winter of 1999, when the editorial teams of the aviation group of Motor Presse Stuttgart decided to put the history articles from FLUG REVUE into a special issue, probably no one realised that 23 years later this magazine would become a permanent fixture in the German market. Today you are holding the 150th issue of the magazine for aviation history in your hands. 150 issues of emotion, detailed aircraft reports, news, glimpses behind closed hangar doors and the best photography. The latest warbirds and historic aircraft, completed restorations, hitherto unknown photographs from the  WW II era, as well as reports and photos from events and airshows around the world. The classic of aviation reliably provides you with the latest news and historical background... in this issue [..] exciting and previously unpublished colour photos taken by a German soldier stationed near Athens. We publish these rare photographs in our gallery.." 

 Colour image on the front cover of the 150th issue of 'Klassiker der Luftfahrt' - Bf 110s of the Sonderkommando Junck (4./ZG 76) seen in Athens during a stop-over en route to Iraq..

Note the air intake and the enlarged 'tropicalised' radiators, indicating that the machines visible here are Bf 110 E sub-types.  Given the absence of white spinner and nose these machines may have not originally been on the strength of ZG 76 - the third machine from the camera does not have the Haifischmaul (shark mouth) either.  (Thanks to GP for the pointer!)

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PDF extract of the latest issue of 'Klassiker der Luftfahrt' on the publisher's website here