Saturday, 13 May 2017

Eduard's new Fw 190 A-8/R2 Profipack kit - 1:72nd scale

First look at and in the box of Eduard's latest Fw 190 variant in 1/72 - the 'R2' Sturmbock. Very impressed with the quality of the mold, while the amount of options and 'spare' parts in the box is something to behold. This 'Profipack' features coloured etch and decals for five machines (including Bretschneider's 'red 1' and Kornatzki's 'green 3'). The model also features separate ailerons, separate tyres and wheel hubs, different upper gun cowls and canopy options. The Sturm armour is molded in situ on the fuselage halves. This kit is available - as I write this - at the great price of just £11 in the UK via Mike at MJW Models. See Eduard's free pdf magazine issue 83 for the story behind the box-top art, download link below..

For a full account of the story behind the box-top art - the Memmingen air battle of 18 July 1944 - read Jan Zdiarsky's article in the latest Eduard Info pdf magazine. Free download at this link