Saturday 21 January 2017

Special Hobby Ju 88 C-4 1:48 scale - Ofw Hermann Sommer NJG 2 ace, Fw Robert Lüddecke

New from Special Hobby is this Ju 88 C-4 using the ICM A-5 kit, featuring detailed cockpit, separate control surfaces, full engines and resin parts specific for the C-4 version. Decals by Cartograf feature 3 different marking options including those of 16-victory ace Ofw. Hermann Sommer of 2./NJG 2.

 "..The original ICM sprues are accompanied by a new sprue with grey styrene nose section parts and additional armament. We have also tooled a new set of clear parts, detailed resin items and a large decal sheet that brings the modeller a choice of three rather attractive machines. The sheet is printed in superb quality by Italian company Cartograf, and has marking options for two all-black aircraft and one wearing a camouflage scheme. The model will be released as a limited edition only..."  More on the Special Hobby site here

Having carried out intruder attacks over Britain with some success for almost a year, the Ju 88 Cs of I./ NJG 2 were transferred to the Mediterranean and the western desert of North Africa in late 1941.  Ju 88 C-4 " R4+EL" (3./ NJG 2) came to grief during the transfer flight to Sicily and made an emergency landing near Naples. Crash landed by Flugzeugführer Fw Robert Lüddecke (front) on 22 November 1941 at Capodichino-Naples. Lüddecke had returned three night victories - Nachtluftsiege - at the time of the incident.

. Ofw. Hermann Sommer claimed the unit's first night kill in this theatre on 13 December 1941, a Beaufighter downed over Crete.

Spring/summer 1942, a Ju 88 C of 2./ NJG 2 at Benghazi-Berka. Note the open Bola, the Nachtjagd emblem on the nose and the white fuselage band. The drums in the makeshift fuel depot are marked B4 (87 octane avgas). The inscription on the reverse of the lower pic simply reads "Benghasi"..