Thursday 12 January 2017

Lastensegler - a rare Arado 232 B Transportflugzeug - daily Ebay Luftwaffe photo find #199

Lastensegler - a rare Arado 232 B Transportflugzeug seen on Fliegerhorst Zilistea, Rumänien according to the seller. Only the second or third time in seven years of this blog that a 232 has been spotted on ebay. See here for more. Winning bids 221 and 156 euros for the two images. If the new owner would prefer that these images are not shown here please mail me at falkeeins at a o l dot com.

And more highlights from the latest miro-antik sales on offer here

More Arados - Ar 196 seaplane 'walkaround' excellent clear views for the modeller of the Revell kit - tolle Fotos Arado Ar196 See Aufklärungs Gruppe 125 according to the seller here. My bids are in!

and from Michael Meyer's latest sales - KG 40 Kondor in Bordeaux