Sunday, 15 January 2017

ICM/Italeri Henschel HS 126 in 1:48th - Recon for Rommel - 2.(H)/14 in Africa

Laurent Freidine has just finished this very neat model of the ICM Henschel HS 126 (Italeri re-box), as an aircraft flying with 2.(H)/AufklGr14 in North Africa. Inspired by the colour photos in and the jacket illustration of the recommended book " Recon for Rommel" by Stefan Ommert, Laurent's model was built with the Eduard etch set, using Quickboost exhausts and Montex masks.

Laurent comments that because the instruction sheet is so 'vague' the Mushroom Hs 126 volume is essential as reference - for example note the absence of generator on the 'B' variant, although there is no mention of this on the sheet and a number of parts are 'mis-numbered'. The hard plastic makes the small parts difficult to remove from the sprues without breaking them and there is little or no surface engraving on the parts. Laurent describes this as 'short-run Italeri'. While the decal sheet is good, the painting instructions are vague and studying the pictures in Ommert's book, Laurent elected to paint his model in the Italian desert colours, nocciala chiaro, verde olivia scuro and grigo azzuro which appear to be better matches than the more typical RLM 78/79/80.

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