Monday 23 January 2017

JG 51 (JG 3?) Friedrich Flugzeug Wrack im Osten -daily Ebay photo find #206

shown here courtesy of Marco and currently on offer at koelsch333 this Friedrich 'black 10' of III./JG 51 (or possibly JG 3 -traces of an obscured emblem under the cockpit?) with yellow fuselage Rumpfband has been stood back on its legs after a belly landing (note bent prop blades) somewhere in the East and appears to be undergoing dismantlement (wings removed) for rail transport to a rear area repair facility. Click to view large

Edit- image caption via George Morrison. Thank you!

"..the wingless 109F "schwarze 10" is indeed from 8./JG 3, and can not be from JG 51. JG 51 invariably used a white vertical Balken on their III Gruppe machines, beginning on their 109 F-2s, then the 190 A-3/4/5/6, then again when they reconverted to 109 G-6s. This was true across the Gruppe, irrespective of the color of the Kennung. III./JG 3 used a rather-tall vertical bar on their 109Es and 109Fs..."