Friday 20 January 2017

2./JG 2 'RICHTHOFEN' - Oblt. Karl Haberland, Fw 190 'schwarze 5' -#daily ebay find #201

2./JG 2 Richthofen seated on 'black 5' decorated with the Adlerkopf Staffelabzeichen during the spring of 1943. Oblt. Karl Haberland (with stick) had just been appointed as StaKa. Haberland flew in the Westfeldzug with JG 3, claiming four Luftsiege (LS) including three Blenheims on 17 May 1940 before he was shot down on the same date. His injuries resulted in a leg amputation. Via Manuel Rauh's ebay sales here 

STAFFELKAPITÄN Oblt. Karl Haberland

Pilots of 2./ JG 2 in front of Fw 190 A-5 "schwarze 5" decorated with the Staffel Adlerkopf during early 1943 probably at Triqueville. From the left; Lt. Heinz Eichhoff, Lt. Joachim Bialucha (1. LS on 10 Feb 1943), Uffz. Werner Edelmann (3 claims on 16 Feb 43 and 4 more on 29 May 1943), Staffelführer Oblt. Karl Haberland (WIA on 15 September 1943 following a forced landing at Chartres during a bombing raid), Uffz. Herbert Treff, Uffz. Jürgen van Beuningen (+23.10.43), Fw. Walter Haase (+29.6.43) und Lt. Johannes Wiethoff. (caption information 'Dans le Ciel de France' Volume 4 -1943 by Erik Mombeeck)