Monday 7 March 2016

Part II Philippe Rico's "French aircraft in German colours"

new and forthcoming from our friends at Lela Presse, the second part of Philippe Rico's "French aircraft in German colours" published on 25 March 2016. Order here.

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Following on directly from the first part of Philippe Ricco's photographic study of French aircraft in German colours (Avions HS 40 covering the aircraft produced by Amiot, Arsenal, Bloch, Breguet, CAMS, Caudron, and Delanne ), this second installment features aircraft manufactured by French firms from Dewoitine to Starck. Once again we expect readers will be surprised and delighted by the remarkable range of images presented - some in colour - and the quality of their reproduction here. Detailed French-language image captions are complemented with lists of known codes and units for individual aircraft types while Pierre Tilley has produced a large number of well-rendered colour artworks. We are confident that the superb photographic content will render any potential language barrier irrelevant. This series is a 'must' for enthusiasts of both the Luftwaffe and French WWII aircraft. 

and an 'independent' review of Part 1 on Tom G. Fischer's blog here