Saturday 26 March 2016

Junkers Ju 88 A-4 KG 3 Dugino 'Blitzgeschwader' -daily ebay photo find #171

Dugino, August-September 1942, KG 3 Blitzgeschwader Junkers Ju 88 A-4. From the album of  KG 3 Bordfunker Uffz. Rudolf Dahms. Photos depicting an engine change and 'beladen' - bombed up - with a view of the bomb bay doors open and in the last images dated September 1942 'auf Feindflug' - on a sortie. Posted to the Stab./ KG 3 on 17 May 1944, Dahms survived the war. Image from his Leistungsbuch bottom showing the award of the Verwundetendabzeichen in Schwarz (wound badge in black) and the Frontflugspange in Gold (front -or operations - flying clasp in Gold for 110 sorties flown ) during August 1942. Also in the auction his Ehrenpokal. (honour goblet)

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