Sunday 6 March 2016

Jan Pavlik AZ Model Bf 109 G-6 Lt. Dr. Peter Werfft, Staffelkapitän 9./ JG 27

Jan Pavlik AZ Model Bf 109 G-6 Staffelkapitän 9./ JG 27 Lt. Dr. Peter Werfft

Werfft pictured on 12 April 1944 alongside his rudder scoreboard displaying 16 Abschüsse. Note the elaborate victory markings -  the Balken are decorated with RAF roundels for British and white star markings for American victims- single-engine opponents are indicated by  a white dot, twins with two dots and Viermots with three white stars..image via Dr. Jochen Prien and credited to 'Archive of Modern Conflict' (JfV 13/I), profile via Revi magazine (Bobek)

A further selection of 9./JG 27 images from Börgönd during the spring of 1944, source expired Ebay auction