Wednesday 9 March 2016

NJG Ju 88 C-6 - daily Ebay photo find #165

Looking for all the world like C-6's of KG 40 and/or ZG 1 at Bordeaux during the spring of 1944, these Ju 88 C-6s are taken from an album page marked 'Kastrup spring 1945'. The machine shown here has suffered an undercarriage failure on taxiing (note close proximity to other parked aircraft but little damage). Note also the mix of camo schemes with another parked C-6 in normal 70/71/76 still - all in keeping with other photos of KG 40 and I and III ZG 1. However if this is Denmark after the capitulation, then these machines are on the strength of NJG 102 - there is a Flugzeugbestand und Bewegungsmeldungen table for the Stab NJG102 elsewhere which shows a single C-6 on strength from around April 1944...more hopefully on the Luftwaffe Research Group here