Monday 7 March 2016

Fw 200 of KG 40 Bordeaux- Mérignac and Ju 88 of 3.(F)/AufklGr 33 -daily Ebay photo find #162

Startklar zum Feindflug

C-4s of III./KG 40 seen at Bordeaux- Mérignac. The Germans carried out extensive works at Mérignac for their Atlantic air operations - the aerodrome was developed into arguably the most important Atlantic coast base for anti-shipping and reconnaissance operations. The Germans constructed two concrete runways -  the main runway 2 was oriented north-west/south-east and was some 2,000 metres in length and 80 metres wide. Also constructed were thirteen large metal hangars of some 6,000 sq m organised in three groups. Large numbers of taxiways and dispersal points were constructed over the 410 hectare site - which was surrounded by pines - in attempts to minimise the effects of any Allied air raids. The aerodrome was defended by the RAD-Flakabteilung 595.

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Above, Ju 88 of 3.(F)/AufklGr 33; individual letter "Y" in code 8H+YL, yellow ETO fuselage band. Note unusual rune Staffel emblem

Below KG 1 Kopfstand