Friday 3 April 2015

more Wespengeschwader ZG1 and ZG 26 Bf 110s currently on Ebay - Ebay photo find # 105

Thanks to all those blog readers who have messaged me recently. No, the 'Blog..' wasn't closed, or at least not definitively. Having resolved some PC issues and managed to close down the 'mirror' sites copying these pages directly, 'The Luftwaffe blog' may now perhaps resume something approaching normal service ..although be aware that my interests are evolving, and I'm now doing much more modelling than Luftwaffe 'research', so I'll mostly be posting what I consider to be good modelling reference..

Me 110 C/D mit dem Wespenwappen des ZG 1 der 4./SKG 210 in Rußland im Sommer 1941

below; Me 110 E displaying the ZG 1 Wespe emblem on the strength of 5./SKG 210 in Scheikowa or Shaikowka, late summer 1941. Note the enlarged oil cooler, the 300 litre Zusatztank and a small row of Abschußbalken on the rudder.

Above; displaying the upper surface finish neatly for the camera this is a Me 110 G-2 coded "3U+." of III./ZG 26 in Trapani 1943

Above; Me 110 G-2 "3U+.. " of III./ZG 26 in Trapani 1943. The two Warte are painting the white ring of 7. Staffel onto the prop hub

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