Tuesday 7 April 2015

Bf 110 NJG 4 ace Reinhard Kollak, rare Do 217 J of NJG 3 and Bf 110 of NJG 1 - Luftwaffe blog Ebay photo find # 107

Bf 110 Nachtjäger of 7./NJG 4, the aircraft of RK holder Stabsfeldwebel Reinhard Kollak. Note the Kennung 3C+LR and the Nachtjagd Staffelabzeichen. The sixteen (?) Abschussbalken on the rudder date this image around late June 1943. The aircraft is equipped with the FuG 202 Gerät which appeared on the first dedicated night fighter variants of the Bf 110, making this in all probability an F-4, of which around 300 were produced. Note the early-type framing around the rear cockpit and the splinter camouflage finish. The smaller dimensions of the 202 Lichtenstein radar array evidently had less impact on performance. This variant did not mount the Schräge Muzik upward firing weapons..


Reinhard Kollak (above second right) was born in East Prussia, in March 1915 and began his military career in the Reichswehr. In 1935, Kollak was transferred to the Luftwaffe where he trained as a fighter pilot. Upon completion of his training in the spring of 1940, Kollak was posted to I./ ZG 1 and participated in the campaigns in France and the Battle of Britain. In October 1940 Kollak was posted to the newly formed 1./NJG 1. Kollak claimed his first night victory while flying as a Feldwebel with I./NJG 1, when he destroyed a Whitley in the early hours of 17 June 1941. He remained with I./NJG 1 when it was redesignated 7./NJG 4 in May 1942 and on the night of 24/25 August 1942 shot down a Stirling as his tenth victory. He was awarded the German Cross in Gold on 12 April 1943 precursor to the Knight's Cross which followed in early 1944 with his 'score' at 29 victories. Kollak was the most successful pilot in III./NJG 4 and achieved an Abschusszahl of 49 victories but never received higher decorations because of his NCO status. His BF Hans Herman joined the Luftwaffe in 1938 and flew with Kollak until the end of the war.

Below; rare image of NJG 3 Dornier Do 217 J "D5+OM" of 4. Staffel- click on the image to view large

Image above currently on offer here . Below; "D5+ DM" of 4./NJG 3

Below; final pics for this Nachtjagd themed update come from Michael Meyer's current Ebay sales. Two views of Me 110 C/D "G9+DR" of 7./NJG 1 displaying the Nachtjagdwappen seen during 1940/41. According to the inscription on the image bottom somewhere off the "coast of Norway"..on offer here