Tuesday 7 April 2015

Eastern Front Schlachtgeschwader Emil Jabos - Luftwaffe blog Ebay photo find # 106

A couple of neat Schlachtgeschwader 1 Emils complete with Micky Maus Staffelabzeichen currently offered by ebay.de seller 'von Werra'. Click on the image to view  full-screen


These images  are discussed at Franck Benoiton's 'From to Anton to Karl' Bf 109 FB page. Even the 'experts' are confused by the various Schlacht unit designations. In Prien JFV 4/II the Mickey Mouse emblem appears on 4.(S)/LG 2 machines and this is Sch.G1 from April 1942. Note the infantry support emblem under the cockpit of 'Red' or 'Black L'.

A photo feature on Schlachtgeschwader 1 appears in Erik Mombeeck's Luftwaffe Gallery 1

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