Saturday 11 April 2015

KG 4 Ju 188, KG 30 Ju 88, ZG 1 Bf 110 Wespengeschwader - Ebay photo find #107

Ju 188 E with 800 litre Zusatztank, a machine probably with the Stabsstaffel of KG 4, seen during the summer of 1944..

KG 30 'black men' working on the port radiator of Ju 88 A "4D+.N" of 5. Staffel seen in northern Norway during 1942 (possibly Banak?). Note the wrecked C 445 in the background.

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Bf 110 F-2 displaying the Wasp emblem of ZG 1 alongside that of I./SKG 210 (1./ZG 1) in Belgorod during the summer of 1942. Seated on the aircraft is Wart Friedbert Ott.

Engine change on a ZG 1 Bf 110, currently on offer here

Above; greeting an unknown but successful crew on completion of their 200th combat sortie.1./ ZG 1 seen in Poltawa, spring 1943. on the right is Staffelkapitän  Oblt. Rüdiger Ossmann. The Wespe emblem just visible on the nose of the aircraft.

Celebrating the 200th combat sortie - Feindflug - of an unknown crew in 1. ZG 1 seen in Poltawa, spring 1943. Second from the left is Staffelkapitän of 1./ZG 1 Oblt. Rüdiger Ossmann, second from right, Lt. Fritz Lyons, third from left Fw. Gille (back to camera)..