Saturday 25 April 2015

Claes Sundin - new profile book Luftwaffe Attack Aircraft- published on 5 May

announcing a new profile book from Claes Sundin...

    " I would like to inform you that my new profile book - Luftwaffe Attack Aircraft - is now printed and will be sent out to customers on May the 5th..

 This book follows the same layout of my previous four profile books;

 - I have included 90 additional artworks
 - all the 124 profiles feature a short text, dealing with topics like: unit history, the mission flown or the crew that flew the machine.
 - Included in the book you will also find a chapter about Luftwaffe Attack missions and a description of the five aircraft types included.
 - 85% of the profiles are newly created for this book and the remainder have been previously published but are here updated to my latest standards.

 Definitely my best work to date. cheers,  Claes "

 To read more about Claes' stunning new profile book, see photos from the printing of the book and place an order, go to