Wednesday 6 March 2024

III./JG 27 ace Erbo Graf von Kageneck, pilot profile in "Luftwaffe Fighters - Combat on all Fronts", published in 2023


 In early 2023 - ie last year - Mortons published "Luftwaffe Fighters - Combat on all Fronts 2". I wrote a number of ace pilot 'profiles' for this 130-page A-4 softback (£9.99) including a 7-page (A-4) 3,500 word feature on III./JG 27 ace Erbo Graf von Kageneck, which exploited, for the first time in English, his letters written at the front to his parents at home.  And also featured a neat selection of photos. Erbo was downed on December 24, 1941 by RAF fighters and subsequently died of his injuries (early 1942). One of Erbo's (four) brothers, August von Kageneck, who lived in Paris post-war - and was interviewed by a friend of this blog - wrote a French-language account of Erbo's life ('Erbo- pilote de chasse') and established that his brother was shot down by Commonwealth ace Clive Caldwell. Translated extracts from August von Kageneck's biography of his brother and the interview that he gave also appear in the Mortons piece. In English. Published in early 2023. Last year, just in case there is any doubt. Not 2024. 

" Erbo, Graf von Kageneck became an ace during the Battle of Britain and as Kapitän of 9./JG 27 made a name for himself over Malta in 1941. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz and the Eichenlaub for his successes during Barbarossa. Recalled to the Mediterranean, Erbo ran into his old RAF opponents but was shot down and seriously injured in December 1941. Transferred to hospital in Italy via Athens, he died in Naples on February 12, 1942..."

Von Kageneck’s force-landed Emil ‘Yellow 1’, August 20, 1941. The Staffel number is painted on the engine cowl while the rear fuselage displays a wide yellow band. The rudder scoreboard now displays 45 victory bars. His 45th had been achieved on August 16, 1941.

Luftwaffe Fighters - Combat on all Fronts 2  - available from Mortons here or read some of the cracking reviews on amazon. I've no idea who the 'alte Adler' is but I'd like to thank him here! Will there be a No. 3? Well its written ..but there are one or two other projects coming up first....