Wednesday 27 March 2024

Bf 109 Emil 'green 13' - archive photo scan #18


..An 'unknown' Emil - possibly 'green 13' - being prepared for a 'commemoration/celebration' of some sort or simply being camouflaged ?   Any suggestions, please comment on the images to view large.

and a comprehensive caption from a blog reader;

"...the two images you show as “ green 13 “ are from the BA and are registered as no 342-628-36 pp. They show a/c of 3.(J)/LG 2 taken at Calais-Marck in the first half of August 1940. The mechanics are covering the a/c pen with camouflage nets, so no celebration. The colour of the numeral is brown for 3rd Staffel. If you take a close look you can see part of the Micky Mouse Staffel badge on the rear fuselage. Not visible in your photo are the early yellow theatre markings which I.(J)/LG 2 introduced very early; the rear part of the rudder and the tips of the horizontal stabilizers are yellow as are presumably the wing tips, which are covered by tarpaulins..." Jochen Prien

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