Saturday 16 March 2024

Fw 190 A-7 with 21 cm BR Werfer - ebay photo find #368


..the rear of this ebay photo print offering states "JG 11 March 1945" 

Two images of this machine are reproduced on p188 of Peter Rodeike's 'Jagdflugzeug 190'. Rodeike identifies this machine as a Fieseler-manufactured A-7 transferred to Toul in France to I./JG 26 in March 1944 with Stkz 'KU+BG' WNr. 643713. According to Rodeike's caption, 'note the rare combination of 'stovepipe' rocket launchers and 30mm cannon  in the outboard wing stations'  - such Fw 190s received the 'Zusatzbezeichnung' R2/R6. Note also this machine has an ETC 501 rack for a 300 Ltr. droptank..

The photo sold for 300 euros  which is a quite ridiculous and stupid amount of money for an image that has been published a number of times previously. Moreover, it will stay posted here.