Sunday 17 March 2024

Fw 190 II./JG 54, March 1944 - Bundesarchiv photo report #7


During February 1944 the Fw 190s of II./JG 54 had been particularly active flying freie Jagd and Begleitschutz (escort) for Ju 87s north and north-east of Uman (Korsun-Cherkassy pocket). PK Berichter Richard Kamm took a series of images following a move to the airfield at Petseri (43 km west of Pleskau) in early March, a period during which the Gruppe saw relatively little action, most likely due to the 'Tauwetter'  - or thaw. These photos depict Fw 190 A-5 'black 2' and 'black 7' of II./JG 54 undergoing maintenance during March 1944 - note melting snow. 'Black 7' has a distinctive Mäander-Tarnung (with a dark squiggle/mottle overspray).  A comprehensive account of the activities of II./JG 54 during this period appears in the latest volume from Jochen Prien and his team in the new JfV  -Teil 15/II ('Einsatz im Osten 1.1 bis 31.12.1944', pages 400-497) It was during this period that Lt. Albin Wolf  claimed the 7000th victory of the Geschwader as described in an earlier photo report  (see link below).

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