Friday 14 June 2024

Junkers 52 g8e (See) of Seetransportstaffel 2

A Junkers 52 g8e (See) in Norway in 1944. This machine probably belonged to Seetransportstaffel 2 and was likely coded 8A+FK, only the individual letter of the aircraft, the F, is repeated under the wings. The large cargo door and the small access door to the cockpit are one of the identifying characteristics of this version. The Ju 52 g8e (See) could get airborne in 53 seconds over a distance of 845 metres but took 21 minutes (!) to reach an altitude of 3,000 metres. Here ground crew personnel are seen removing the essential tarpaulins protecting the Junkers from the rigours of the Norwegian climate. The aircraft is being loaded and prepared for the next flight. The rear of the aircraft is secured to a small boat, which will probably help in maneuvering the aircraft so that it can be placed more easily in its take-off axis. On the left a man is wearing a lifejacket while on the right another man is undoing the mooring lines of the Ju 52. Seetransportstaffel 2 was formed in October 1943 at the Norwegian base of Trondheim-Hommelvik, where it remained until its surrender in May 1945. Throughout this difficult late-war period the unit's mechanics accomplished the feat of maintaining on almost permanent availability around ten of the complement of Ju 52s equipping the Seetransportstaffel 2, thus allowing it to operate right up to the very end of the war....

via Greg Almeras