Thursday 12 May 2016

new AIMS decals - Ju 88 Fighters

Some progress on the Zvezda G-6 with new AIMS engines. The new Quickboost tail fin has also been fitted. The undercarriage - as on most Ju 88 kits - was far too 'stalk-like' and has been cut down a little and re-pinned. Still a little unsure of which machine I actually want to model, but my choice will no doubt be inspired by the latest AIMs decal sheet by John McIllmurray - " Ju 88 Fighters" which arrived here last week - 26 options no less and enough codes to make up plenty more that aren't even on the sheet!

Below; AIMS decal sheet cover photo via Stipdonk/Meyer shows Ju 88 G-6 'D5+AV' flown by the Staffelkapitän 11./NJG 3 Oblt. Josef Förster seen in February 1945 in Jever. A good view of the cabin roof mounted FuG 350 "Naxos". Die Deutsche Luftwaffe - Eine Bilddokumentaion der Luftwaffe von 1935-1945 - Zerstörer- und Nachtjägerverbände Teil 2 page 181, book series reviewed on this blog here

As you can see here all markings options on this sheet are presented via a series of accurate and well-drawn fully referenced colour side view profiles and detailed text with interesting subjects drawn from AirDoc, Luftwaffe in Focus and the Stipdonk/Meyer volumes. The painting guide also features upper and lower surface views so that you don't have go hunting through a pile of references. The decals by 'Fantasy Printshop' are thin, perfectly in register and have minimal carrier film and will of course require a certain amount of care to apply. I fully intend to select one of these options for my own build as it nears completion so stay tuned for more on these superb sheets. These sheets and much more for the Ju 88 fan are available directly from John at AIMS just in time for the Ju 88 Group build over at

It goes without saying that John is an enthusiast (and very skilled) modeller himself and provides us lesser mortals with a fantastic product at a reasonable price, so please do as I did and buy this sheet!