Tuesday 17 May 2016

Luftwaffe seaplanes in the Norwegian campaign, Ha 139, Do 18, Ar 196 daily ebay photo find #178

a few highlights from a selection of Luftwaffe seaplanes involved in the Norwegian campaign on offer via the ea-antik Ebay sales site including some nice images of the Ha 139 V-1 Nordmeer. This Lufthansa transatlantic catapult-launched mail plane was pressed into Luftwaffe service on the outbreak of WWII. The large underwing radiators visible in the lower two images were a modification introduced after the first 'season' of transatlantic crossings. At one point it was planned to use the type for long-range maritime reconnaissance but this never happened. The fate of this machine is unknown, possibly scrapped. The V-3 sister ship was extensively photographed in an MS or - Minensuch minesweeping configuration. Note the 'P5' code of the Kdo. d. Transportflieger Norwegen.

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