Tuesday 31 May 2016

'Diving Raven' emblem of 5./ JG 26 - Lt. Hans Krug, 5./JG 26 - daily Ebay photo find #180

5./JG 26 Emil with the 'diving raven' emblem and Schlageter 'S' somewhere in France during 1940. Currently on offer here

Bf 109 E-3 W.Nr 3413 "Schwarze 5", Lt. Hans Krug, 5./JG 26 with the inscription "Vista Suerte Y Al Toro" visible just behind the cockpit. The photo was most likely taken sometime in early June 1940, as suggested by the five victory bars on the tail. He claimed his fifth victory on 2 June 1940 against a Hurricane west of Dunkirk. One of these victories was later disallowed.

below; Bf 109 E-3 'Red 10' in RLM71/RLM70/RLM65 camouflage. The photo can perhaps be dated to autumn 1939

Bf109 E-3, W.Nr. 735, "Black 3" was flown by Lt. Walter Schneider of 5./JG 26. The photo was probably taken on 18 May 1940, or shortly thereafter, as witnessed by a barely visible victory bar applied on the aircraft rudder. It was lost on 7 September 1940 as a Bf109 E-4 following air combat near Shakespeare Cliff, Dover. At this time it was flown by Uffz. Ernst Braun from 6./JG 26 who became a POW. In some sources the type is given as Bf 109 E-3/N. Caption source; Jagdfliegerverbände Teil. 4.