Friday 18 December 2015

Ju 87 B-2 Stuka Walkaround reference images for the new-tool Zvezda and Airfix Bertha kits in 1:72nd scale

A selection of Stuka images currently on offer via Darius Werner here. According to the seller these images show pre-sortie preparations followed by a flight across the Channel. Below, I take a first-look at the new-tool Zvezda kit in 1:72nd scale.

David Howe on the new-tool 'snap-fit' Zvezda Ju 87 in 1:72nd

 " ..A few things to note about this excellent kit are the separate gun cupola in the canopy, which makes it easy to model one of the (albeit quite rare) Ju-88 style gun positions sometimes fitted. Also the fine and accurate cockpit sidewall detail and the correctly shaped instrument panel. The kit measures up very well to the best plans I have (by MMP), although I couldn't photograph this without breaking the spine of the book. I was going to criticise the accuracy of the underwing fuel tanks Zvezda provide, since they lack the flattened aft underside usually seen, but have at least one shot of a Ju-87 with the same style tanks as provided, so this point may be moot?!..."