Friday 4 December 2015

Fw. Adolf Kalkum WNr.9659, "schwarze 4" of 8./JG 53 - daily Ebay photo find #139

Bf 109 F "Black 4" 11./JG51 Lt Schramm North of Smolensk 22 or 23 vics.... or not

" ... looks like Fw. Adolf Kalkum's WNr.9659, "schwarze 4" of 8./JG 53, with their typical broad Rumpfband and short-ish III Gruppe Balken. Ref. B.A.Nr.283-607-12, 13, 14, 17. Schramm, in his light-colored jacket, appears in three of the photos. But, as Montaigne asked, "Que sais-je? "

George Morrison on Franck Benoiton's Bf 109 from Anton to Toni FB page here