Tuesday 8 December 2015

200th sortie of 4./Auflkl.Gr.33 Bf 110 C/D - daily ebay photo find #143

" Our boss Lt. Koehler " celebrating the completion of the 200th sortie of 4./Auflkl.Gr.33 - a recce unit formed in December 1940 coded H8. " Fabelhaft war der 200 sagte der Chef.."

"Rosch in 'Luftwaffe codes' remarks that the use of H8 code was exclusively for 4./33, since the rest of the unit used 8H+. Unknown location in Russia during 1941..note the worn fuselage theatre band under the Balkenkreuz in the second and third images..click on the images to view large..

Above; pre-sortie preparations and below, the return

 Below; seen prior to a flight back to Germany. Note the nose air intake of the Bf 110 E variant below.

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