Saturday 5 December 2015

Gruppenkommandeur II./ NJG 3 Hptm Günther Radusch - daily Ebay photo find #142

Me 110 E of the Stab II./NJG 3 seen here probably during the early summer of 1943 in Schleswig. Warte are working on the machine assigned to the Gruppenkommandeur Hptm Günther Radusch - RK on 29 August 1943 and EL on 6 April 1944, victory total 65 Luftsiege, last office Kommodore of NJG 3. Seated on the cockpit sill observing the work of the mechanics is his Bordschütze/Bordmechaniker Ofw. Alfons Hundschell, the third member of Radusch's crew alongside his long-time BF Ofw. Erich Arndt.

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